April 2014 - Eureka and San Rafael

Saturday April 5, 2014

Today is day 1 of the trip. I drove 142 miles today, for a total of 142 miles so far.

Here is a short description of the day:
Susanville to Hat Creek
beautiful drive through Nor Cal tundra

I started the day at home. I ended the day at Cave Campground.

Here is a short description of the evening:

Smack on the way from Reno to Eureka. Where CA 44 hits good ole CA 89 and they both go south together for a while. A geologically interesting valley, a giant, recent lava flow that feels like the recovering disaster area it is. Anyway, the FS keeps one campground open all winter, and it is this one, Cave CG. There's only two other sites taken, so I nail a spectacular spot where I am looking right at the river 30' away. Ponderosa pines, which make for a pleasant open feel to the CG (unless it's crowded, which it's not). A deep blanket of pine needles makes it quiet except for the occasional truck on 89.

Story for today: On the road, with appreciation.