Saturday October 25, 2014

Today is day 11 of the trip titled October 2014 - Aspens and Desert.

I drove 182 miles today, for a total of 1311 miles so far.

I started the day at Kingston Campground. I ended the day at Water Canyon Campground.

Here is a short description of the day:
even looonger up 305 to Winnemucca
Three days in a row of very long drives is not cool.
Here is a short description of the evening:

Pleased that this is open, it was closed for the government shutdown last October. The spots at the end of the road are nice because you're in the aspens net to the creek. Those seemed gloomy today, so I chose a spot further down, in the open next to the bathroom with an excellent panoramic view of the huge Winnemucca Valley.

The road is quite busy on Sunday morning.

Story for today: Misdirection trip - upper Nevada.