August 2015, Eureka, Oregon and Butt Lake

Tuesday August 25, 2015

Today is day 9 of the trip. I drove 59 miles today, for a total of 707 miles so far.

Here is a short description of the day:
sand dune Oregon
hurried exit from Windy Cove (11am checkout? really?), coffee and safeway in Florence, miss Tillicum and hit Beachside.

I started the day at Windy Cove Campground. I ended the day at Beachside.

Here is a short description of the evening:

For me, this functions as a high end Tillicum overflow lot. Tillicum was full at 2:30 on a Tuesday, so for a $9 upgrade I get showers and that state park experience. Site 13 is at a busy corner. The trash and recycling are 30' away. It's nicely shielded, but still...

My overall experience here was great!

Story for today: Another Oregon August.