May 2012 - Springtime in Nevada mappicturesstories

day 1.
162 miles
162 total
escape Reno eastward, into the emptiness
Fallon, leave US 50 for the gravel road to the state park
day 2.
105 miles
267 total
lunch in Austin, hot springs!
Fossils in the morning, hot springs in the afternoon, petroglyphs in the evening
day 3.
174 miles
441 total
lunch in Eureka, giant strip mine
a lot of US 50, too much gravel road, then the Rubies
day 4.
66 miles
507 total
beautiful Rubies
morning at the NWR, hang with my buddy in Elko
day 5.
154 miles
661 total
Elko to Winnemucca
discover lovely Water Canyon
day 6.
172 miles
833 total
Winnemucca to home
annoying breakfast in Winnemucca, hit the interstate