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Kirkham Campground

nearest town: Lowman ID

part of: Boise National Forest

A Forest Service Campground, Hot Soak in the Idaho region.

Number of visits: 2

GPS: 44.0724,-115.5429

Bathroom: pit toilet • Water: no

Cool spot. Over a little bridge across the Payette River across the highway. A small campground with amazing hot springs a few yards away. Very crowded nowadays.

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October 19, 2013 (free!) October 19, 2013 (free!)

This late in the season all services are off, but the place is still open, and free, bless 'em.

Sadly however, it's an unusually warm Saturday, so it's pretty crowded. The weather was nice but I'm here for the pools. There was an annoying party scene on Saturday night, and the rocks around the pools were trashed with litter and broken glass beer bottles on Sunday morning. People are stupid assholes sometimes.

September 08, 2011 ($15.00 • $7.50) September 08, 2011 ($15.00 • $7.50)

Across the river, but the semis are still barrelling past about 200 yards away. Killer hot springs down the stairs, lots of pools and hot waterfalls! truck noise at night