Tuttle Creek Campground

Lone Pine CA • Bureau of Land Management (BLM) • Bureau of Land Management Campground

Number of visits: 2
gps: 36.562599,-118.122253
bathroom: pit • water: no

Close to Lone Pine, really excellent view of Owens Valley south over dry Owens Lake,

The last 2 miles have many brutal diagonal speed bumps, beware!

Spot keywords:
creekviewgood barsquietsunsetwindy
Notes on each visit (posted cost | senior cost):
October 17, 2014 ($5.00 | $2.50) October 17, 2014 ($5.00 | $2.50)

Actually about 10 minutes out of Lone Pine. The speed bumps surprised me and f---ed my van cargo up pretty bad. Dislike!!

But other than that, the place is cheap and has spectacular Owens Valley vistas

March 11, 2011 ($5.00) March 11, 2011 ($5.00)
(see main description above)

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