Waxmyrtle Campground

Florence OR • Oregon Dunes, Suislaw National Forest • Forest Service Campground

Number of visits: 2
gps: 43.8761763,-124.1448591
bathroom: yes • water: yes

very restful and quiet, in the piney woods near the dunes. Actually, now I can hear the off-road vehicles in the distance, still restful though. The walk along the river bluff is very nice.

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August 26, 2014 ($20.00 | $10.00) August 26, 2014 ($20.00 | $10.00)

Still restful and quiet. I dislike their policy of putting permanent "Reserved" signs on half the campground. Next time I think I will plunk my butt down there and see what happens. It that the sound of far away surf or far away OHVs??

August 23, 2012 ($20.00 | $10.00) August 23, 2012 ($20.00 | $10.00)
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