Miracle Hot Springs

nearest town: Buhl ID

part of: private

A private Campground, Hot Soak in the Idaho region.

Number of visits: 3

GPS: 42.6952,-114.8557

Bathroom: yes • Water: yes

Co-owned with Banbury Hot Springs.

Banbury has better camping, Miracle better pools, so here's how it all shakes out:

Banbury: tent sites: $10 | campground: park on the grass next to your picnic table in a pretty spot | soaking: big concrete rectangle pool (see their Spot entry)

Miracle: must pay for hookups: $20 | campground: dusty and shabby | soaking: wonderful set of modern, interesting pools - a really hot one under the sun deck I call the Grotto :), a bigger cooler pool, then a long, skinny, segmented parallel pool that is a hot zone, a cold zone, and a slighter hotter zone.

Really nice layout!

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October 15, 2019 ($29.02) October 15, 2019 ($29.02)

Came over from Banbury a little before sunset. The side pool has concrete ledges, effectively benches, along its length which are perfect for resting your head on the corner and watching the sky turn red.

Many signs reminding you to shower before soaking, but no soap is provided in the shower. I don't get it.

September 06, 2016 (free!) September 06, 2016 (free!)

Did not camp here this time, turns out Banbury has much better camping. They are now the same owners, so paying for one gets you in both.The pools here are beautifully laid out. There's a big warm pool. The hottest pool is semi-enclosed, under the sun deck so it has kind of a steam room vibe. There are two more hot pools to the side, one is bordered by a long skinny pool with turns out to be a cold plunge!Very nice!

October 12, 2013 ($29.02) October 12, 2013 ($29.02)

Came here on a Saturday, very crowded. Also, an incredible number of flies swarmed the interior of the van as soon as I opened the doors - literally hundreds of flies, everywhere. Nearly perfect place other than that! Cost includes camping and hot tubs.