Lava Hot Springs

nearest town: Lava Hot Springs ID

part of: private

A Hot Soak in the Idaho region.

Number of visits: 3

GPS: 42.6188,-112.0074

Bathroom: yes • Water: yes

Six pools. The big rectangular one, around to the right in the grotto, is the very hottest - 112°.

They get progressively cooler moving left. Next is the biggest and ranges from 110° to 103° according to the sign.

Beautiful setting at the opening of a little canyon with the busy highway and railroad tracks right above..

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October 18, 2019 ($15.00 • $7.50) October 18, 2019 ($15.00 • $7.50)

It is my fate to come here on weekends.

Again, the experience spaced me out so much I left something in the changing room - my swimming trunks this time.. I guess they're not as desireable as my boxers were five years ago, because they were in lost and found the next day - woo!

September 04, 2016 ($12.00 • $7.50) September 04, 2016 ($12.00 • $7.50)

back again on Labor Day Weekend - eek!

On Sunday night it was very crowded, but it's a big place and I was able to eventually get to the prime spots I wanted to get to. It's really a very nice place.

Back on Monday late morning, where it is confirmed that hot springs on a hot, sunny day just aren't that much fun.

October 14, 2013 ($10.00 • $5.00) October 14, 2013 ($10.00 • $5.00)

Delighted to discover this place. The fellow hooked me up with a good deal and I camped right across the street.

I left my favorite pair of boxer shorts in the changing room and they were NOT in lost and found on the morning, Very sad.