Heise Hot Springs

nearest town: Ririe ID

part of: private

A Hot Soak in the Idaho region.

Number of visits: 2

GPS: 43.643,-111.6875

Bathroom: • Water: no

The hot springs is a completely separate business from the campground. $7 for seniors off season, $1 to re-enter - cheapskates.

After the fine example of Lava Hot Springs, which was excellent in every way, this place is disappointing. The single soaking pool is quite nice however - slightly sulphur-y water in a row of hot jets on the side.

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July 09, 2016 ($10.00 • $7.00) July 09, 2016 ($10.00 • $7.00)

Still $7 for oldies. Here's the skinny, the pools are real nice, but the campground is way overpriced and kinda sucky, so camp somewhere near by and drive back over to the pools.

There are three pools:

- hottest pool - 108°, pretty f-in hot. 40'x10' (?)

Under a roof, many hot jets, a sidewalk away from ...

- hot pool (forgot the degrees).

Quite pleasant, a kiddie part and a deep part.

- warm pool - 85° I think. Your basic public swimming pool. There is a water slide.

To get to the warm pool you must leave the building and walk the length of the pools to the entrance at the far end. Pointlessly annoying, but that's how they roll at Heise.

October 16, 2013 ($9.00 • $7.00) October 16, 2013 ($9.00 • $7.00)
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