River Pines Resort

Graeagle CA • private • Hotel/Motel

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gps: 39.7662874,-120.6185519
bathroom: • water: no

My friends booked here for Memorial Day Weekend, and invited me up. I did something outside my comfort zone - instead of stressing and sneaking, I straight-up asked the lady if I could sleep in the parking lot that night, and she said yes!

So we partied all afternoon at the pool, partied away the evening next to the gold course across the street at my friends' friends cabin, and I weaved my way back to the Resort and spaced out in my van. All in all a smashing success!

My buddy has two little dogs, he had to pay extra for them. Their room was small but had a kitchen, coffeemaker etc. Because the lady was nice to me, I give it 5 stars!

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barhot tubkitchenettepetspoolquietrestauranttown
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May 24, 2015 (free!) May 24, 2015 (free!)
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