Bailey's Hot Springs

nearest town: Beatty NV

part of: private

A private Campground, Hot Soak in the Nevada region.

Number of visits: 3

GPS: 36.9741,-116.7225

Bathroom: yes • Water: yes

funky little place, needs a LOT of maintenance, but their wifi was pretty good.. They have three private bathhouses:

1 - pleasantly warm,

2 - hot (> 100)

3 - very hot. (> 104)

So if the one you want is in use you're outta luck until whoever's inside has had their fill.

The pools seemed hotter to me - the medium seemed like 104 and the hot like 107-8 ... your mileage may vary.

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Some ATT cellphone reception but not great.

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March 30, 2016 ($16.35) March 30, 2016 ($16.35)

See the main description for a rundown of the hot tubs.

Much busier than seven weeks ago.

I am banished to a little spot in the corner which has no hookups. It does however have the sound of gurgling water, because it's next to the outflow ditch from the hot tubs, so that's pretty cool.

February 15, 2016 ($16.35) February 15, 2016 ($16.35)
(see main description above)