Sportsman's Beach Walker Lake

Hawthorne NV • Bureau of Land Management (BLM) • Bureau of Land Management Campground

Number of visits: 2
gps: 38.689494444,-118.7693027
bathroom: pit • water: no

Pretty, spectacular view down the length of Walker Lake. You can hear the neverending semis on US 95, but they are pretty far up the hill.

You come to the main campground first. I find out later this is the only unlocked bathroom. It's nice enough, but the sites are not level. After you wind down a few more hundred feet, past the boat ramp, there are more camp sites, a couple of which are nice and level. If only the bathroom door was unlocked...

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March 29, 2016 ($6.00 | $3.00) March 29, 2016 ($6.00 | $3.00)

Seven weeks after being here the first time, here I am again!

Last time this site #19 was occupied, so naturally it looked extra enticing. I came straight to it this time, and it's ok. It's more level than most, I can pull the van right up to the picnic tables. It's very windy here - a shame, because otherwise it would be a great night to sit in my chair and enjoy the view..

February 16, 2016 ($6.00 | $3.00) February 16, 2016 ($6.00 | $3.00)
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