No Man's Land Regional Park

Guymon OK • County Park • County Campground

Number of visits: 1
gps: 36.6758711,-101.4671731
bathroom: yes • water: no

There's no signs to say it's ok to overnight (or not!). Allstays says they allow it, so I did it and it was great.

I parked at the edge of what used to be the dump station loop, behind the Information Center building. There's a couple of trees, a covered area (with no picnic table), looking out over the skateboard park 100 yards away.

Nobody bothered me from 7pm to 10 am. Kudos to Guymon!

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freegood barsno privacyprettyquiettown
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August 11, 2016 (free!) August 11, 2016 (free!)
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