Crystal Hot Springs

nearest town: Honeyville UT

part of: private

A private Campground, Hot Soak in the Utah region.

Number of visits: 1

GPS: 41.6592,-112.0876

Bathroom: yes • Water: yes

Camping is expensive and the pools are extra, so not my thing. However just the pools is $5 for an old person, which IS my thing.

There are:

- three small pools ranging from very hot to way too hot.

- one unheated pool for them kiddies

- the biggest pool varies in temperature, see below.

The big pool has three little waterfalls set up. The middle one is very hot, the left medium and the right cold. The left is always crowded, the right empty, and the middle always has an old dude or two planted under it.

Spot keywords:

ATT cellphone reception was good.

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Notes on each visit (posted cost • senior cost):

September 02, 2016 ($7.00 • $5.00) September 02, 2016 ($7.00 • $5.00)
(see main description above)