Caliente Hot Springs Motel

Caliente NV • private • Hot Soak, Hotel/Motel

Number of visits: 1
gps: 37.6208647,-114.5103261
bathroom: yes • water: yes

Recently re-opened, run by an earnest young couple for whom I wish nothing but the best.

As of 10/17, rooms with their own tubs are $95-ish ($85 + Nevada's insane room taxes). Rooms without are $84-ish ($75). With one of these rooms you get to use one of the bigger, nicer public tubs until 10 PM.

There are 4 public tubs, and they are open from 9am to 3 pm to anybody with the $20. 3-10pm they are solely for the use of us lucky lodgers. :)

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October 16, 2017 ($83.25) October 16, 2017 ($83.25)

So happy to be here!

Room 1 is a modest little place with a kitchenette at the end of the building, which means I can park the van 15 feet away. Perfect!

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