Merchants Millpond Campground

Gatesville NC • North Carolina State Parks • State Park Campground

Number of visits: 1
gps: 36.4446502,-76.6943393
bathroom: pit • water: yes

A quiet little loop of campsites right off US 158.

The rest of the park - Visitors Center, access to the Millpond, trails - are a couple of miles to the west then south. Very pleasant place.

Spot keywords:
levelno barsquietshady
Notes on each visit (posted cost | senior cost):
October 16, 2018 ($17.00 | $12.00) October 16, 2018 ($17.00 | $12.00)

I got here late and left early-ish, so I did not hike or avail myself of any of the other wonders of the place. Very peaceful though...

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