Pigeon Point Campground

Junction City CA • Trinity National Forest • Forest Service Campground

Number of visits: 12
gps: 40.7670868,-123.1319761
bathroom: pit toilet • water: no

On a bend in the Trinity River, next to a boat ramp ==> lots of partying rafters, but a couple of great sites!

Busy Route 299 is only 40' up and 90' over, so when a truck passes you hear it. Fortunately, the road is not busy after dark.

Not quite as torrid as Redding, but still pretty darned hot until the sun goes down.

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hotno barsriverswimming
Notes on each visit (posted cost | senior cost):
September 03, 2019 ($12.00 | $6.00) September 03, 2019 ($12.00 | $6.00)

One more time! The Tuesday after Labor Day, the campground is deserted. I am therefore enjoying the qualities of the primo site, #6. Still very hot, 91° at 7 pm.

August 10, 2017 ($12.00 | $6.00) August 10, 2017 ($12.00 | $6.00)

Never know what'll be happening here. Today there is a whole dude posse, three cars worth at #6, using the campground as an improvised frisbee golf course of all things! Good for them.

Site 5 parking is next to the biggest site (three picnic tables!). That is where I am hanging out and typing this.

There are also people in the group camping area on the other side of the parking lot - never seen that being used before.

May 24, 2017 ($12.00 | $6.00) May 24, 2017 ($12.00 | $6.00)

It must not be fishing season around here, because the place is utterly deserted. I therefore take site #6, the one with creek view parking.

April 14, 2016 ($12.00 | $6.00) April 14, 2016 ($12.00 | $6.00)

I never know what the scene will be here at Pigeon Point. To my surprise almost all the spots are taken, except the one that usually goes first, the two-table spot on the hill next to the bathrooms. I do my usual thing and take the edge space facing out on nature, and I'm set for the evening!

February 28, 2016 ($12.00 | $6.00) February 28, 2016 ($12.00 | $6.00)

One other person is here. They took the primo spot, #3. I decide to go with my original favorite, #6.

It's pretty cool! You have a closer communion with the Trinity River from your parking place here than at any other site, and since I live in my parking place, that makes it a good spot!

February 23, 2016 ($12.00 | $6.00) February 23, 2016 ($12.00 | $6.00)

I have the campground to myself! So I park for site #5 again, and spend my time at the big group site #3 again.

November 20, 2015 ($12.00 | $6.00) November 20, 2015 ($12.00 | $6.00)

My favorite site #1 is taken, but everything else is available, including #3, the palatial hilltop, 3-table, 2 parking place site by the bathrooms that has never been unoccupied in all my other visits. It's too much campsite for me, but I do take #5, which shares its parking area. The actual site 5 which belongs to my parking spot - table plus tent area - is 30 yds away down the road and right on a path. I don't even bother, but instead enjoy a beautiful waxing gibbous moon from rivermost table at the big site.

November 13, 2015 ($12.00 | $6.00) November 13, 2015 ($12.00 | $6.00)

Site 2 is ok. It's up on the little knoll, so it gets a little more light than my usual sites #1 or #6. Convenient to the bathroom, although that is thankfully not as big an issue as it was last trip.

Morning: But it's location makes it EVEN CLOSER to busy 299, so trucks using their air brakes can jolt you right out of a deep sleep.

March 02, 2015 ($12.00 | $6.00) March 02, 2015 ($12.00 | $6.00)

As always in my experience, the primo spot on the little knoll is taken, I decide modest little #1 will meet my needs better than secluded #6. I enjoy my private bench and view of the bend of the river until after dark.

August 15, 2014 ($12.00 | $6.00) August 15, 2014 ($12.00 | $6.00)

Arrived 6-ish on Friday evening, so all the usual good spots are taken. So I am trying Site 1, tucked away in its own little ravine near the entrance. The feature here is that the benchs on the patio outside the restrooms are my own private party area.

The last few days of moderate weather have lreft me unprepared for the oven that is greater Redding. Very hot and very dry and moderately windy ... Fire Weather!

June 02, 2014 ($12.00 | $6.00) June 02, 2014 ($12.00 | $6.00)

Arrived early in the day on the first Monday in June and got perfect campsite #6 again! This little jewel of a campground is set up for river rafters, so my site and another have 2-3 picnic tables, and are made to handle big groups of partying river people. But they ain't here tonight, so I get the sweet spot!

August 25, 2011 ($12.00 | $6.00) August 25, 2011 ($12.00 | $6.00)

First time here, little did I know how many times I would stay in a few years. Got here ear/y and got the best spot.

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