Desert Hot Springs Resort

nearest town: Desert Hot Springs CA

part of: private

A Hot Soak, Hotel/Motel in the Mohave Desert region.

Number of visits: 2

GPS: 33.9691,-116.5019

Bathroom: • Water: no

The lodge itself is not fancy, just a standard-issue two story motel with paper-thin walls. But it's got a restaurant and a bar and all those lovely soaking pools, so it's fancy to me!

The motel is a rectangle enclosing the pool area - 6-7 pools, a couple very hot, a big pool where the kids hang out, and a bar area over in the corner.

Cool Rat Pack-y kind of place.

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April 13, 2008 ($106.00) April 13, 2008 ($106.00)

The paper-thin walls were a problem this time, because I got a crew of noisy bikers next door. Not cool.