Spots with keyword: creek

  • Baker Creek Campground
  • Great Basin National Park, Baker NV
  • Never been here because it involves three miles of gravel road while the others are off paved road. My verdict: not worth it. Nice little creek, but very dusty, and sites are NOT level.

  • forest roadside
  • Beaverhead National Forest, Sheridan, MT
  • Drove 5 of the 7 miles to Mill Creek Campground when the road got too nasty for my tall, skinny van. I backed down to the pullout at the cow guard and fence at the edge of the NF. There was plenty of room to park, so I just stayed. Turns out there was a really active and loud creek right across the road, and a waxing gibbous moon, and very little traffic, so it turned out to be a great way to weather a crowded Saturday night!

  • Baker Creek Campground
  • Inyo County Parks, Big Pine CA
  • Another Inyo County campground along one of those "Creeks" controlled by LA Water Authority. Dusty and low tech, but very pretty. If you come on a summer weekend you run the risk of real asshole neighbors.

  • Willow Creek Campground
  • Modoc National Forest, Adin CA
  • Small but very handy campground 50 mile north of Susanville. Very near the road, but the road is not heavily traveled. The stream is very small but pretty

  • River Run Campground
  • Lava Hot Springs ID
  • THis one is right across from ther Lava Hot Springs Hotel. At the opposite end of the little town from the Lava Hot Springs where I did go.

  • Cave Campground
  • Lassen National Forest, Old Station CA
  • Smack on the way from Reno to Eureka, where CA 44 meets CA 89. A geologically interesting valley. A giant, recent lava flow that feels like the recovering disaster area it is. The Lava Cave is a short walk across the highway. The Forest Service keeps one campground open all winter, and it is this one. A deep blanket of pine needles makes it quiet except for the occasional truck on 89.

  • Bridger Campground
  • National Forest, Logan UT
  • A few short miles up the canyon from lovely Logan UT. The next campground up, Spring Hollow sounded nicer, but was FULL on Labor Day Friday. My modest little campground is NOT reservable, so there were still two of the ten sites available. I feel lucky.

  • Patrick Creek Road
  • Smith River Recreation Area, Cave Junction OR
  • This is Saturday of Labor Day weekend, and every site in all three campgrounds along Route 199 is taken. Somewhat depressed, I turned on the newly paved road on the other side of the creek from Patrick Creek Campground, and surprise, there was an area where clearly folks had camped before a few miles up the road. It's quite nice, right by the creek, and no one has bothered me - woo!

  • Difficult Campground
  • National Forest, Aspen CO
  • The most Difficult thing about this place is getting a site! ha,ha. 4.5 winding miles from Aspen make this the budget way for the rest of us to be able to exist for a few days in Aspen.

  • Leigh Creek Campground
  • Bighorn National Forest, Ten Sleep WY
  • I got lucky, snagged the last site on a Tuesday in high season. Bustling little Ten Sleep Creek is 30' sideways and 14' down from my picnic table. It's very noisy, which is so great after living with the sound of semi-trailer trucks on the lonesome highway so many nights.

  • Buckeye Hot Springs
  • Humboldt Toyiabe National Forest, Bridgeport CA
  • steep, slippery hike down to the springs, which are a couple of hot streams falling into pools by the river

  • Sisters Campground
  • Sisters OR
  • handy city-run campground, easy to walk to everything in town.

  • Marion Forks Campground
  • Willamette National Forest, Detroit OR
  • Glad I stopped here, really nice campground at a cool place, behind a State of Oregon trout hatchery. The campground is pretty deluxe, there are heavy wooden fences lining the roadway and each campsite, I guess to clearly delimit where people should walk and where they shouldn't. So the forest ares are pretty pristine. The campground is either new or recently renovated. The hatchery has been around for a while.

  • Thomas Creek Campground
  • Toyiabe National Forest, Elko NV
  • beautiful location in Lamoille Canyon

  • Tuttle Creek Campground
  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Lone Pine CA
  • Close to Lone Pine, really excellent view of Owens Valley south over dry Owens Lake, The last 2 miles have many brutal diagonal speed bumps, beware!

  • Salmon Creek Campground
  • Tahoe National Forest, Sierra City CA
  • hyper-busy tonight, first night of the season, Memorial Day weekend. It would be restful and pleasant next to the happy little creek most nights I think. As a campground, this is nicer than Sardine up the hill. I walked up to Sardine Lake, which was a very pleasant hike, with some excellent sunset views ... if you don't mind walking along the highway. They raised the price again this year here too.

  • Whiskey Flats Campground
  • Sawtooth National Forest, Stanley ID
  • modest little spot right off the road, right on the river

  • Four Jeffrey Campground
  • Inyo National Forest, Bishop CA
  • on a lovely little aspen-lined creek a few miles above Bishop. You can go even farther up either road and come to a lake, but this is a nice compromise, in the valley below the fork in the road. Save a few miles of driving straight up. Behind a big-ass moraine which cuts the valley in two. It's open and very pretty, with the annoying corporate management that most (all?) of the Inyo Forest campgrounds have.

  • Lower Lee Vining Campground
  • Inyo National Forest, Lee Vining CA
  • In the style of Inyo Forest campgrounds(*), this one is hard to find(**) and kind of shabby and rough, but it's in a really beautiful location. This one is on Lee Vining Creek, in the aspen/pine forest on top of the glacial till. It's the first campground on CA 120 west of Mono Lake heading up to spectacular Tioga Pass. It's pretty cool. It's very popular with fishermen. (*) Except the Inyo campgrounds around June Lake/Mammoth. They are run by a concessionare. They are a little nicer, cost twice as much, and have three times as many rules. (**) There is an arrow for "camping", but you must turn off the road to see the "Lower Lee Vining"sign.

  • Hat Creek Campground
  • Lassen National Forest, Old Station CA
  • Finally stayed here, after driving by so many times! So far, I like Cave CG better, but it's quiet and big enough to find an uncrowded spot, and Hat Creek is perhaps even more awesome here!

  • Susan Creek Campground
  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Glide OR
  • Very nice campground, the local Boy Scouts added amenities. It is the most deluxe BLM campground I've ever seen. Showers even! There is apparently a waterfall a mile or so up the hill across the road.