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  • Lucky 7 Casino
  • Crescent City CA
  • This place is super user-friendly. There is an RV parking area at the back of the lot, and another across the road behind the reservation gas station. The second one is more level but seemed a little sketchy. I am going for the first. Glad to be here! Wifi was dead for most of the evening, but when it came back it was pretty good. There are a couple of stations in the casino with free coffee and even a cappuccino machine! You can hear the surf at night when the traffic is gone. The ocean is right across the highway, complete with a bench on the bluffs to watch sunset. Sweet little fountain with colored lights to entertain your inner stoner. Nice, friendly place.

  • Ward Mountain Campground
  • Humboldt Toyiabe National Forest, Ely NV
  • This campground appears to be brand spanking new! The bbq grills are not yet installed on their metal posts. Seems to be built for parties - each site as two tables and two bbqs (!). Sadly, my bathroom is either closed for season or has never been opened, because it is locked. Got a killer sunset from my site - by far the best of the trip. Happy to be here!

  • Tecopa Hot Springs
  • Inyo County Parks, Tecopa CA
  • Odd place. Separate bathhouses for men and women, nudity required. Camping is available in glorified parking lot across the road overlooking the settlement pond. No potable water, must drive a couple of miles for that. Really interesting salt flats area at the edge of town. In the last couple of years a pair of restaurants have opened. And breweries!

  • Cowboy Camp
  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Williams CA
  • Set up as a horse camp, but regular horse-less citizens can camp here also. Plenty of horse shit around, so it appears to get used.

  • Acorn Campground
  • Army Corps of Engineers, Valley Springs CA
  • On the road Maps sent me down there were no signs that campgrounds existed, and the first one was closed, which gave me a little fright. The second, Acorn was open, so all is well. Army Corp campgrounds all seem to rely on having a person at a check-in gate. The gate wasn't manned so camping was free.

  • Harbin Hot Springs
  • Middletown CA
  • This used to be my favorite getaway(*) - old resort in the hills, a very hot pool, a just-right pool, a cold plunge, a lap pool that rocks on hot summer days, a cozy lodge, breakfast in the morning, expensive espresso drinks all day, world music dance every Tues and Thurs night. Even this though is the first date I've entered here, I've been here many times before. I stayed in actual rooms 4-5 times in the 90's when I worked at Autodesk, then I've camped here between 2 and 4 times a year since ... 2002? So I'm gonna say I've visited here over thirty times! (*)The place is getting insanely popular, and as they get more crowded they are getting less and less user-friendly - the old sad story, success DOES change a place!

  • Rock Corral
  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Milford UT
  • Ten miles of washboard-y gravel road off of Utah 121. Not worth it as it turns out. A very full open-top trash barrel in the middle of the camping area and not even a porta-potty. Some cool big boulders at the edge of the camping area, but otherwise nothing interesting. Update: The signs were (IMO) misleading. I am not at the official camping area. In the morning I chose not to subject the van to 10 more miles of this bumpy, dusty road, so I will probably never know what it's really like. :)

  • Grandview Campground
  • Inyo National Forest, Bishop CA
  • It's actually free, but there's a suggested donation of $5. Climb >4,000' of narrow curvy road out of Bishop to get to the Bristlecone Pine Forest, and your bonus is this sweet little campground. There are no numbered sites, it's all kind of freeform in a nice way. Short walks get you spectacular views west to the Sierras across the Owens valley, and east into the interior of Nevada.

  • Sherman Island Regional Park
  • Sacramento County Parks, Rio Vista CA
  • What a cool discovery! You leave Route 106 right before the bridge that takes you to Pittsburg/ Antioch and take a bumpy little road onto Sherman Island. The road follows the southern edge of the Sacramento River to the tip of the island, where there is a nice county park for the windsurfers. It's roughly where the Sac River meets the San Joaquin River, and it is a great windsurfing spot.

  • Lava Spa Motel and RV Park
  • Lava Hot Springs ID
  • The camping area is just a gravel lot right behind the motel, but it's a beautiful setting right next to the creek, less than 100 yards from the hot springs. Small town, everything there is within ½ mile. He gave me a deal since it's Monday night off season.

  • Saddlehorn Campground
  • Colorado National Monument, Grand Junction CO
  • Amazing location, on a bluff overlooking Grand Junction and the wide Colorado River Valley. Loop C is the tent sites, no doubt the oldest part of the campground. Parking for the sites is cramped and tricky to navigate.

  • Allred Flat Campground
  • Bridger National Forest, Afton WY
  • not spectacular, but very convenient coming out of Star Valley. effing COLD when I was there in October, also no fee that time of year.

  • Lake Solano Campground
  • Solano County Parks, Winters CA
  • Pretty campground and park on a little lake made from damming Putah Creek, the outflow of Lake Berrysea.

  • Devil's Bench Campground
  • Army Corps of Engineers, Kahlotus OR
  • next to Monumental Reservoir, 1/4 mile from the dam. Very quiet and pretty except for the sound of a giant generator at the dam.

  • Big Biloxi Campground
  • Desoto National Forest, Gulfport MS
  • Boring but very handy to the Gulfport and the coast. They withheld part of the senior discount!

  • Fort Frederick State Park
  • Maryland State Parks, Circle Spring MD
  • Overpriced campground, but a very interesting place. The actual Fort is cool, the CCC buildings around it are cool. We are right on the C&O Canal/bike path.

  • Willow Creek Campground
  • Williard Bay State Park, Williard Bay UT
  • On lovely Williard Bay, the northeastern, freshwater(!) arm of the Great Salt Lake.

  • Hat Creek Campground
  • Lassen National Forest, Old Station CA
  • Finally stayed here, after driving by so many times! So far, I like Cave CG better, but it's quiet and big enough to find an uncrowded spot, and Hat Creek is perhaps even more awesome here!

  • Sunset View Campground
  • Navajo National Monument, Kayenta AZ
  • talk about off the beaten path! A newly refurbished National Monument, centered around some cliff dwellings in the neighborhood.

  • Banc Club Casino
  • Tonopah NV
  • Finally, an easy place to stay in Tonopah! I guess it's been here all along, I just never noticed it. The Banc Club is a modest little building full of slot machines, and they have a large gravel parking lot next door with a sign that says RVs welcome! An easy walk to downtown Tonopah ... such as it is.

  • Grover Hot Springs
  • California State Parks, Markleeville CA
  • The springs at Grover gurgle out of the hillside into a beautiful U-shaped alpine meadow. So it should be a groovy, enchanted place, but sadly it is managed by the State Parks system, who do their darnedest to make it prosaic and institutional. The pools are a couple of rectangular concrete tubs - a big one with lukewarm water, and a shallow (3 feet) one, maybe 40x20 which they keep at a pleasantly toasty 104°. You can look over the fence on the uphill side and see the water burble out of the ground and down a sluice to you. There are showers and cubbyholes to store your stuff. There is a campground, which I have never used since it's CA State Parks expensive and there is boondocking three miles down the road.