Stories for: So Cal Spring 2013

Tyler is my six year old (oops, seven year old) grandson.  He is in first grade, and his school has a week off in February – Snow Week.  Traditional Spring Break is in April.  His mother Martha and I spent … Continued

Final packing and we’re off!  Martha doesn’t want to drive the van, so I will be driving every mile of every day of the whooole trip – sigh.  The plan is to take our time and follow Route 1 all … Continued

Doheny State Beach is a really cool place in the daytime.  It’s in the middle of town, tucked in between the ocean and the I-5/Amtrak corridor.  Come to think of it, we will spend five of our seven nights within … Continued

Ahhh. back to my routine!  This was a perfect night for staying at Walmart.  I had stuff to do until well after sunset, so really all I needed out of my overnight spot was a place to park and go … Continued

I really did have the perfect spot on a perfect day, at the far corner of the lot, looking over the little pond and the Death Valley-like mountains on the far side of the wide valley.  If you ignored the … Continued