Four Jeffrey Campground

Bishop CA • Inyo National Forest • Forest Service Campground

Number of visits: 1
gps: 37.251,-118.5716666
bathroom: yes • water: yes

on a lovely little aspen-lined creek a few miles above Bishop. You can go even farther up either road and come to a lake, but this is a nice compromise, in the valley below the fork in the road. Save a few miles of driving straight up. Behind a big-ass moraine which cuts the valley in two.

It's open and very pretty, with the annoying corporate management that most (all?) of the Inyo Forest campgrounds have.

Spot keywords:
chipmunkscreekopenquietroad noisewater
Notes on each visit (posted cost | senior cost):
May 17, 2013 ($21.00 | $10.50) May 17, 2013 ($21.00 | $10.50)

#92 is at the downhill end across from the bathroom with running water!

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