Stovepipe Wells Campground

Stovepipe Wells CA • Death Valley National Park • National Park Campground

Number of visits: 3
gps: 36.6051931,-117.1484184
bathroom: pit • water: no

Finally staying here after driving past so many times. Quite hot even in mid-October. It's not open in the summer it's so hot.

Just a big parking lot with a bathroom at one end. there is also a store and oh glory, a nice bar (and restaurant) across the road.

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April 01, 2016 ($12.00 | $6.00) April 01, 2016 ($12.00 | $6.00)

What a difference a day (of the week) makes. This is Friday, so the park is very crowded, twelve car backups behind some lumbering RV are the norm. Also, it is really hot! 91° on April Fool's Day!

Having time to explore today I learned that Texas Springs is the campground I want next time. It was totally full at 2pm today, but some non-weekend, non-warm night in a future off season I will go there.

The other Big Thing that has changed in seven weeks is that suddenly Stovepipe Wells has really strong 3G phone bars for ATT, a big improvement over "No Service" last time. Change comes to the desert!

February 13, 2016 ($12.00 | $6.00) February 13, 2016 ($12.00 | $6.00)

Saturday night in February. It is (unseasonably?) hot: 77° at 4:30. Approaching from the west, it is a 4,500' drop and many (18?) miles of road in a more or less straight line from the pass to the edge of the valley floor, which is here!

Coming down, it appears crowded and unusually busy from a distance, yet there are plenty of spaces when you get right down to it. I am very stoked to be here.

October 18, 2014 ($12.00 | $6.00) October 18, 2014 ($12.00 | $6.00)
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