Badlands Interior Motel and Campground

Interior SD • private • private Campground

Number of visits: 1
gps: 43.729866666,-101.9794
bathroom: yes • water: no

Cedar Pass CG in Badlands NP was full on Friday night, so here I am. It is in the town of Interior, at the edge of the Badlands, so the name makes more sense than you would think at first.

Six rows of sites, the hook-ups for the big boys are on the inside and the tent sites are on the edges. Some sites have picnic tables, some don't. I decided I'd rather be on the edge with an unimpeded view of the Badlands than in a couple of rows with a table.

The shower was nice and very welcome. Things are well-worn but well maintained also. Nice place, and a godsend when the Park is full.

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July 15, 2016 ($17.48) July 15, 2016 ($17.48)
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