Fort Churchill Campground

Silver Spring NV • Nevada State Parks • State Park Campground

Number of visits: 1
gps: 39.288555,-119.276863
bathroom: pit • water: yes

The real name of this place is Samuel Buckland Campground, but it's easier to just call it the campground at Fort Churchill.

The terrain is barren high desert hills for miles, except for this lovely belt of ancient cottonwoods along the Walker River.

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buggyhikeshistoryno barsquietrivershadyvisitors center
Notes on each visit (posted cost | senior cost):
May 29, 2019 ($15.00) May 29, 2019 ($15.00)

Hanging out in the cottonwoods is restful and pleasant. This time of year there were billions of small flies that made it less restful and pleasant, but still ...

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