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Crystal Crane Hot Springs

nearest town: Crane OR

part of: private

A private Campground, Hot Soak in the the West region.

Number of visits: 1

GPS: 43.4422,-118.6392

Bathroom: • Water: no

How have I not known about this place?! It was nearly perfect in every way for what I like to do on the road. Common Room next to the office with satellite tv. The pool is awesome. Maybe 100' across, 2-4' deep mostly, with incredibly, life-threateningly hot water comong in from the southeast end, and cooling jets shooting out from the south, so you simply ewade in and find your spot!

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Some ATT cellphone reception but not great.

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October 13, 2019 ($32.22) October 13, 2019 ($32.22)

The "dry camping" area is lovely and spacious. There are four sites (6-9) that are on the edge and angled so your view is out on the wide open spaces. That's for me!

It was a full moon night so soaking at night was even more beautiful than otherwise.