Cape Perpetua Campground

Florence OR • Siuslaw National Forest • Forest Service Campground

Number of visits: 2
gps: 44.28257,-124.096756
bathroom: yes • water: yes

lovely spot in the valley beneath the cape. Lots of little hikes, and the rocky coast.

Spot keywords:
hikeoceanbusycreekno barsno privacytrailvisitors center
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August 22, 2014 ($24.00 | $12.00) August 22, 2014 ($24.00 | $12.00)

campground is a single road straight up the little valley, turnaround and come back the same way. It's a great location AND it's reservable, so it fills up early on weekends. I lucked out and got the LAST empty site at 3:30 Friday afternoon.

No privacy at my site(*), but as it turns out, my neighbors and I have different schedules, so it worked out well for both of us.

(*) Evidently most sites get two parking spaces. My bay had six spaces. The two pairs in the middle were for me and my neighbor, our picnic tables were 15 feet apart in this small grassy area. The two spaces on each end were for sites down the hill, through the underbrush, by the little creek.

August 30, 2009 ($22.00 | $11.00) August 30, 2009 ($22.00 | $11.00)
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