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I've done road trips since I was a little boy. My mom spent a few years in the Long Beach during the war and really liked it. So growing up, every few years she and I would bundle into her big ole Chevrolet sedan and drive west. A couple of times I was allowed to bring a friend (great fun, memories we still share). Once we brought one of her friends, a busybody neighbor and her spoiled daughter. This one was not a success. But usually it was just me and my mom. Staying in mid-range motels, a couple of days to get across the plains, then a few days in Colorado, then on to California.

I got a serious case of the cross-country travel bug.

In the late 90's, as computer technology became more personal - the web, word processors, digital cameras - I started thinking about how I could convey travel experiences.

  • Here is the first try from 2000.
  • Here is the second try from 2002. Google maps wasn't a thing yet so I did a map by hand. :)
  • Here is the massive third try. It's still pretty cool ... as long as you're viewing on a large device - NOT mobile friendly.
  • The fourth try is finally mobile friendly (i.e. Bootstrap). Cool functionality. I fell in love with the changing color palettes, but it's just not very inviting.
  • Trying to do better this time. Finally have a (I hope) engaging page design. You be the judge.

The rest of me on the internet:

  • My old website, whose domain name I am still paying for for some reason - cloudyhands
  • My non-travel blog, which is mostly my various, ever increasing medical issues - Other Writing


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