Camas Hot Springs

nearest town: Hot Springs MT

part of: private

A Hot Soak in the Montana region.

Number of visits: 1

GPS: 47.6131,-114.6721

Bathroom: no • Water: yes

Pretty funky. The lesser of the two hot springs in the eponymous town, but it's the first one I came to, so it's the one I went to. I enjoyed it immensly!

The other is Symes, which looked to have a small pool and a hotel! I am intrigued for some future trip!

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September 03, 2018 ($5.00) September 03, 2018 ($5.00)

You could not imagine a more, um ... modest setting. a run-down community center with a concrete tub enclosed in barbed wire to the right of the door. That's the hot springs!

The water felt really good, a nice temperature. People were friendly and there weren't that many of them, so it was pretty awesome.

No showers, which is unfortunate.