Pickwick Dam Campground

Pickwick TN • Tennessee Valley Authority • Army Corps of Engineers Campground

Number of visits: 2
gps: 35.0671854,-88.262286
bathroom: yes • water: yes

The TVA is almost like the Army Corps, a gigantic federal agency that builds dams then tosses in a few campgrounds around for fun. This one is below the dam, right across the road from the water. It is fun to watch the barges.

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November 06, 2018 ($24.00 | $18.00) November 06, 2018 ($24.00 | $18.00)

I liked this place so much six weeks ago that I made part of my iternary going home! It was after dark last time. I gave myself a bit of daylight to enjoy it this time.

September 27, 2018 ($24.00 | $18.00) September 27, 2018 ($24.00 | $18.00)

The lady recommended site 21 "if you like to watch the barges". Well, I like to watch the barges, so I took it. This is a cool place.

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