Travertine dispersed

nearest town: Bridgeport CA

part of: Humboldt Toyiabe National Forest

A Hot Soak in the US 395 region.

Number of visits: 3

GPS: 38.2521,-119.2075

Bathroom: no • Water: no

I have used the hot springs without camping, and lately I have been camping without soaking, so I'm breaking them into two spots. This is the camping spot.When the hot springs road turns left, take a right and park at any of the several rough camping spots. The hot springs is a little less tan a mile further on.

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Some ATT cellphone reception but not great.

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October 16, 2020 (free!) October 16, 2020 (free!)

Friday night in peak fall color season, there are five groups of campers within sight. Lucky for me, exactly the same spot I had last spring was still available, so I hopped on it.

On the downhill edge, facing into the valley, so it still feels private despite the crowd.

March 03, 2020 (free!) March 03, 2020 (free!)

So far, nobody camping but me.

I've been here an hour-ish, 4:30-5:30. Five vehicles have gone in, two have come out, so there ya go.

There's a moon tonight, so I'm looking forward to walking over the hot tubs around sunset.

October 15, 2014 (free!) October 15, 2014 (free!)

Now I can say I have camped here as well as soaked many times. At the right turn of the road to the springs, going from east-ish to south-ish is a spot, level, off the road, outside the "No Camping" perimeter. Got there at basically dusk, parked, walked to the springs. Beautiful evening!